Frenectomy in Tucson, AZ

Frenectomy in Tucson, AZ

A lip or tongue tie is a thin piece of skin that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth. These ties are also known as frenulum linguae. Lip and tongue ties are fairly common and typically do not cause significant problems. However, they have been known to affect breastfeeding, speech development, and oral health. Visit Spera Dental for the best service tailored to your unique requirements.

Lip and Tongue Ties and Breastfeeding

Lip and tongue ties, and frenectomies, are procedures that are performed to release or shorten fibers that restrict movement in the mouth. These procedures are simple and can be completed within a matter of minutes.

Both lip and tongue ties can be painful and frustrating to patients who are breastfeeding. By correcting these ties, breastfeeding can be more comfortable and easier.

A lip tie is a type of upper lip restriction. It affects women more often than men and tends to occur during the birth process. Lip ties can restrict the movement of the upper lip, and make it difficult to breastfeed a child. A frenectomy is a procedure that releases restricted tissue.

Lip and Tongue Ties and Speech Challenges

Most people are familiar with lip and tongue ties, but may not have realized that there are health implications related to them. A lip tie occurs when a thin piece of tissue tethers the bottom of the lip to the gums. A tongue tie is a similar condition, in which the tongue is tethered to the bottom of the mouth.

How are Lip and Tongue Ties Treated?

Frenectomy and frenuloplasty procedures involve cutting the lingual frenum to release tension and resolve the problem of tongue-tie. Frenectomy is usually performed when the entire frenulum is too tight and restricts the tongue’s range of motion, whereas frenuloplasty involves cutting the frenum in precise locations to release tension, preventing a gag reflex.


Frenotomy is a procedure that releases a lip or tongue tie. These are bands of tissue that may restrict movement of the lip, tongue, or cheek teeth. With treatment, the restriction can be released, allowing your child to have an easier time eating and speaking.

The Benefits of a Frenectomy

A frenectomy allows your child’s teeth to properly develop without impediment caused by a tongue- or lip-tie. For example, if one of your children has a tongue tie, it can affect their speech development, and their ability to eat solid foods, and it may cause problems with nursing or bottle-feeding. 

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